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About us

Guabaya creates Costa Rican themed games.


We offer useful, ecological and educational souvenirs and gifts...and we wish for children to share them with their loved ones to create happy memories.

In addition, we want Costa Ricans to have access to games that include
aspects of their own culture and environment... and that tourists, friends and relatives abroad get to know and enjoy our culture and natural beauties through play. 

Play creates a connection between the people who share it... and for children it is as necessary as breathing...

Our mission is to offer heartfelt, honest and educational fun while highlighting the aspects that make Costa Rica unique.

The company was born in 2017 with the launch of its first game: Costa Rica Memory Game. In 2019 the Costa Rica Lotto is created. In 2021, we launched two games: Tropical Animal Dominoes and 7 Provincias.

In 2022, we released our first puzzle! In 2023, we launched our Americas Matching game. 

Let's make happy memories together!

Why are we called guabaya? 

Our name evokes the innocence of children when they are learning to speak, since it is common for them to mispronounce some words... and it's so cute! Of course, eventually they grow out of it.  

Guayaba (Guava) is one of those words that my daughters, Julia and Sienna, mispronounced. Also, this delicious tropical fruit is one of our favorites...we love to take them straight from the tree in the local parks! 

Guabaya exists for and because of them. I owe them the name of the company too.



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My name is Vivian and I am the founder of Guabaya. I am the mother of two wonderful little ones who were born on December 2011.  

I love traveling, hiking, and getting know other countries and cultures. When I travel, I like to bring useful and meaningful souvenirs (that's how the idea of the company was born... and watching my kids playing happily a memory game!).

I believe that education will change the world. I wish in all homes, an abundance of play time, laughter, communication and mutual respect... For a better world!

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